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Google Shopping Experts

One of the best things about online shopping is the ability to compare the products at different stores before buying! Google Shopping makes this task even more enjoyable. It lets the customers search for their products by listing them according to not just price but features too. This technique of listing things makes it easy to understand and research for the customers before finally buying it.

To get bulky online sales might become a tad bit difficult when you are competing with businesses like Amazon and the likes. Just the help of SEO wouldn’t do. You would need greater equipments like Google Shopping and Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to make sure that your products find a place in the search results.

But how do your products find a place in the search results? That door opens when your products are listed in the Google Shopping and PLAs. And how do you get them listed there? Worry not, our PPC management team, with their abundant experience, would be able to list your products and eventually increase your online sales in no time.


Google Premier Partner

Our team was chosen as a Google Premier Partner. Our team has enough experience to help you with the PLAs and also clear any doubts regarding the Google Shopping should they arise.

However, just the knowledge and the dos and don’ts of Google Shopping might not be sufficient to gain success. You should have knowledge of your competitors, base your Ads on product feed optimization and also have a clear understanding of the AdWords.

Did You Know?

Statistically, the people who search on the Google Shopping network are more likely to buy the product than the people searching on other networks. So if your products are listed in the Google Shopping, there is a high chance that your sales would increase.

Grow Your Business

The format of Google Sopping, which is Pay-Per-Click, is not only profitable to the customers but also to the sellers. The customers would be able to shop easily by comparing the products while you, the seller, could use the exact thing to your advantage and showcase the benefits of your products.

Promote your inventory

By displaying your products on Ads, you would be reaching out too many customers instantly without much work.

Increase targeted traffic

Increasing the targeting traffic will increase the clickthrough rate (CTR) of Google Shopping ads.

Reach more leads

Including the details of your products and their images in the ad will help customers in understanding your product in a better way.


Google Shopping Ad Process

Our team would help you with everything right from the beginning till the very end. We will be there with you during the product submission and also while creating the ad. We’ll make sure the bidding process and reporting in done properly. All in all, you would not have to worry about anything. Not just that, if you are working with our SEO team, we’ll help out there too, and see that they customers come back to your site for more.

Set Your Goals

The first and foremost thing is to set Shopping feed goals. Our Pay-Per-Click experts would be more than happy to help you there.

Opportunity Assessment

To get a better idea about your products and also the competition to you on the Google Shopping place, our team will perform assessments based on product and industry.

Shopping Feed Setup

There are plenty of ways to enhance your Google Shopping feed. One such way is going through the specifications and configurations of your feed and making changes accordingly. For that matter, our team would lend a helping hand there and design the best format for submitting to the Google.

Analysis & Management

The work does not end with the appearance of your products on the Google Shopping site, in fact there is a lot more to it- you have to make sure they stay where they are. For that, our PPC team would perform analysis from time to time and make adjustments according to the attributes and bidding strategy of your products and see that your success rate keeps on increasing.