Bring the local customers to your doorstep

Stand in the limelight with the advanced local SEO services


Making Everyone Know About Your Existence Could Be Difficult

To have the spotlight on yourself 24/7 is not as easy as it might seem, what with Google updating its way to display local business results all the time. To make sure that your business is always the first thing that the customer sees; having only one element for searching isn’t enough. In fact a whole local SEO strategy must be needed for that matter.

Our local SEO team does exactly that. With an experience of almost 2 decades, they make sure that the customers are driven right to your doorsteps. And for that, they not only update themselves with all the local search changes but also modify the strategies as per the need real quick.

And that’s it. That is the only mantra to stay on top. No behind-the-scene-tricks. Rather it is our group of constantly hard working people who work on a long term strategy and make sure that everyone knows about your existence.


So how does this Local Search work?

It uses Pigeons and Possums! And no, we aren’t taking about the birds!

Pigeon and Possum are in fact two major algorithms changes of Google. Needless to say, they did play a role in affecting the local search results. Since the whole criteria of ‘Making the existence known’ revolves around the local search results, it is very important to have knowledge of the local search market and also how these algorithms changes could affect the businesses. And this is exactly where our team comes to your aid. We have watched Google go through all the changes. We know our way around it. Our team has enough knowledge and experience to make sure that your business stays on top of the local search results no matter what.


Did You Know?

46% of all Google searches are local

50% of smartphone searchers visit a store within a day

78% of local mobile searches result in an in-store purchase


Local SEO Services

Local Optimization

As the name suggests, the local optimization makes sure that the customers near you know about your business. With that, not only will the customers line up online, but also in front of your very own store.

Content Creation

It is essential that the customers be able to resonate with the content. For that, every locality needs a different content. Our team which consist of experienced copywriters, understand your business locality and create content that will be able to grab the attention of all the potential customers.

Landing Pages

To make sure that your presence is known to everyone, having an effective website is necessary. With the help of our designing team, a website could be designed keeping the needs of the local searches in mind in such a way that they not only find it useful but also understandable and impressive.

Google My Business

For the people to know more about you, updating your Google profile will help you stay on the top of the search results. Not only that, your customers would be able to locate you on the Google Maps as well.

Reputation Management

To make your customers revisit you from time to time and also attract new ones, your reputation plays a big role. But how exactly would you maintain it? Worry not, as our team knows everything about making the customers send you a positive feedback! Not only that, they will also help you get through a few negative ones, which are bound to come your way regardless of your behaviour.


Local Citations

To have your business up on the search results, there is one more thing that you need to make sure of- Your business name on many directories. Our team will help you through it and make sure that your business is listed in many of the directories which are necessary to keep you on the top and also keep editing the list as per the circumstances.


Paid Advertising

Paid advertising makes sure that your business is known to all the people, even the ones which were previously in the dark. It brings new customers to you. Our team, with their experience, know exactly what needs to be done.


Schema Mark up

English is a language spoken and understood by many, but unfortunately the search engines do not fall into that category. They need a coding language called Schema Markup to understand the content on your site. Our team implements that coding language properly and makes sure that your site shows up on all the relevant searches by the customers.