With our Technical SEO service, we lay the foundation for the success of your business.

Technical SEO Services – Fine – Tuned SEO Designed for Growth

We believe that proper execution is basic to maintain performance

Does your website offer high-quality and user-friendly experiences? Yes, then you’ve laid a solid digital foundation of your business. No? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Our technical team ensure to work hard and bring digital success to your business.

We believe technical SEO is like a strong underlying basis of technical SEO. Just like a home which needs a good foundation. When your business is limping, technical SEO works wonder by paying attention to fundamental details. Your site is not just going to perform great but also rank above and beyond your competitors.

When our technical SEO services meet our highly optimized gimmicks, we get the SEO’s super excited! Our professional team understands the requirements of client who wants to get maximum results delivered in a budget. At XYZ, we’ve made the SEO services affordable and aim at taking your website to the next level.


Technical Site Audits

Marching head on into your website’s technical profile

Our team takes time to gain in-depth insight of your website’s performance. The technical details of your website help us to find opportunities to improve and work better. We run an audit through a host of viral check points, such as:

  • Crawl analysis
  • txt
  • Mobile performance
  • Crawl errors
  • Duplicate content
  • Image optimization
  • Internal link structure
  • Indexation
  • Site architecture
  • Accessibility
  • Page speed
  • Redirects
  • XML sitemap
  • Analytics


Penalty Recovery

Is penalty causing you unwanted stress?

Has your past experience been unpleasant with another agency? Have you fell off the results page for unknown reasons? We can understand the turmoil! Our SEO team consistently worked in the past to recuperate the reputation of countless websites.

  • Recover lost traffic
  • Regain rankings
  • Preserve your reputation


Website Migration

We manage website migration by putting in intensive and proper execution.

Growing from a budding, fresh business to evolving into an established one, there are lot of changes witnessed. It can be new website platforms, domain names or transition to a secure browsing experience (HTTPS). There is a gradual shift and it can bring in potential number of challenges. It can cause trouble in the site’s performance and cause your site to lose traffic.

Our team has successfully migrated thousands of websites and made them profitable. You can also avail the following benefits from your migration:

  • Grow domain authority
  • SEO advantages
  • Search performance
  • Grow mobile audience
  • Increased engagement
  • Secure browsing (HTTPS)


Speed Optimization

No one has…got the time…for a…slow…loading…website

Frankly, in today’s fast paced life, no one has got the time for a slow loading website. You’ll mostly see visitors getting annoyed and closing the tab if it takes time to download. You’ll also earn rewards from Google, as it has done previously to websites that load quickly, particularly on mobile (AMP).

We start by running a speed test on your site and collect the findings. We then diagnose and recommend measures to achieve maximum performance.

  • Website speed is a confirmed ranking factor
  • Improve Time to First Byte (TTFB)
  • Decrease bounce rates


Structured Data Markup

Know the search engines of your site better

To have a proper search engines’ understanding, there is a need to implement structured data vocabularies ( Our team defines the content of your website and enhance the search results, by utilizing the structured data mark up code (JSON-LD). Your site gains two plus points with enhanced search results such as increased visibility and improved click-through rates.

  • SEO advantages
  • Help Google understand your site
  • SERP features


Competitor Analysis

Know where is your competitor standing

When it comes to competitors of our clients, we don the role of an investigator. We don’t leave a mark and dig deep into your competitor’s web presence.

Using a host of SEO tools, we conduct a research through a myriad of check points, including

  • Keywords
  • Rankings
  • Technical Profile
  • Social media campaigns
  • SEO & PPC strategy
  • Backlink profile


Image Optimization

We believe what pleases to an eye

Don’t you believe the same? It’s actually very natural for a reader to read text and visual it immediately. So, it doesn’t make a sense to the visitors if your site doesn’t have visuals and just a white wall with tiny black alphabets.

While we consider that, the images that you use on the website should also be optimized. Our team on board, will optimize your images and enhance them for a great user experience.

  • Reduce load speed
  • Added SEO value
  • Promote visibility
  • Web accessibility


Backlink Analysis

SEO performance has a crucial relation with backlinks

A complete backlink analysis paves the way for many opportunities that acts as a starting point for an effective off-page search optimization strategy. Backlink analysis includes a complete review of backlink profile, identification of link origination and what pages they direct to.

  • Remove harmful links
  • Link-building opportunities
  • Off-page SEO strategy