See Your Site as Your Visitors Do

Check yourself how users interact with your site.


Website UX Insights

After creating a website, making all the developments and optimizing it, wouldn’t you like to go through the website and view it as your visitors do? With User Experience (UX) software, you can see how people actually interact with your website. You can see where they scroll, where they click and where they move on your site. UX provides this insight which will help your business to grow.

Through UX Intelligence software you can capture real-time interactions and engagements by your website visitors. For desktop users, we track their mouse to see where people click and how they interact with your site, where they scroll and what pages they navigate to.

Same insights are captured from mobile and tablet users. We track feedback from the device to show us where the screen is tapped, how people zoom or scroll and where your user’s click, to see how intuitive your site design is on mobile devices.

The UX software generates recordings and heatmaps by tracking different devices, to determine the experience that your visitors have.


Screen Recordings

View exactly how people use your website.

Visitor’s mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, form interaction and more are tracked. Website owners can track recordings for analysis and make improvements to enhance customers experience.

  • See how people use your site
  • Playback recordings
  • Analyze and improve results



Highlight user experience trends.

UX intelligence software lets the heatmaps tracks where users click, move, scroll, what they pay attention to, and where they are geographically located.

Easily track:

  • Clicks
  • Movement
  • Location


Form Analytics

Find out what is stopping conversions.

Through UX program insights, you can check how visitors interact with forms on your site. We measure drop-off errors, user frustrations and more. By using form analytics, you can improve usability and increase conversions.

  • Track form interactions
  • Measure drop-off
  • Improve conversions


Feedback Campaigns

Connect directly with your customers.

Feedback forms and interactive surveys are great way to connect directly with your customers. You can gain insights, identify any issues or provide any assistance to visitors on your site.

  • Gain customer feedback
  • Interactive surveys
  • Hear directly from your customers


Did You Know?

88% of visitors will not return to a website if they have a poor experience during their first visit.


Is Your Site Running Fine?

Fix Issues on your Site

Has your site been underperforming lately? Have you received feedback from your customers saying that your website confused them or they wanted more information? UX Intelligence can give you insights to improve your website.

We will also provide you assistance to make all the changes. Our sales engineers along with UX Intelligence assist you to identify major and minor issues on the website. As they’ve worked on hundreds of websites before they help in providing guaranteed solutions.

Would you renovate your house without a plan? Of course not. In the same way, changing your website needs a plan too. We’re here to join you and deliver the best website experience to your customers and visitors.


Tracking Success

Working with our team will be an insightful experience for you. We use tools like Google Analytics, track ranking and search engine optimization to monitor the performance of your site. Further, we can compare traffic, time on site and pages per visit and other stats after making changes on the site through UX. You’ll get a clearer picture to determine how successful your website changes have been.

Have us on board and get UX Intelligence to know how your visitors and customers interact with your website.